The Volunteers Training Program is an initiative launched by Qatar Career Fair (QCF) in order to instill the concept of volunteer work among young people. This initiative offers young males and females the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and hone their personalities in the field of volunteer work. This program is an annual event held simultaneously with QCF.

Participation Objectives:

  • Developing a sense of loyalty and belonging to the nation.
  • Investing leisure time in a proper manner.
  • Expanding the circle of relations and benefiting from others’ experiences.
  • Offering young people an opportunity to utilize their skills and hone their personalities.
  • Developing self-confidence among youth in order to be able to rise to the challenges.

Volunteer’s Rights and Duties:

  • Receiving training, supervision and guidance.
  • Acquiring and exercising new skills
  • Showing mutual respect.
  • Receiving a certificate of appreciation as well as a certificate stating the total number of hours dedicated to volunteer work.


  • Adhering to attendance policy.
  • Participating effectively to activities and events.
  • Demonstrating the ability to work effectively and collaboratively with team members.
  • Developing strong relations with team members.
  • Committing himself or herself to respecting the public ethics.
  • Spending a minimum of 25 hours of volunteer work.
  • Abiding by the rules and regulations, and following the instructions of the supervisors and people in charge.

QCF Teams:

  • Administrative Supervision Team.
  • Media Communication Team.
  • Reception and Registration Team.
  • Activities and Events Team.
  • Hall and Protocol Team.
  • Support Team.

QCF Volunteers Categories:

Volunteers are divided according to QCF teams. Each team will have a leader, and a first and a second coordinator. They will undertake the responsibility of managing the teams, directing the volunteers and distributing the work tasks.

1.    Volunteer (Team Leader).
2.    Volunteer (First Coordinator).
3.    Volunteer (Second Coordinator).

4.    Volunteer.


Requirements to participate in the Volunteers Training Program:

  • To be a Qatari or GCC national.
  • To be between 16 and 26 years old.
  • To be in accord with standards of right and good conduct.
  • To pass the interview.

Note: The priority is given to new participants who have never taken part in any previous volunteer work with us.

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For more information, please contact:
Qatar Career Fair
Activities and Events
Phone: 44546808
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