In support of its mission and objectives, QCF offers a need-based career development workshop series during the January 2016 – December 2016 time-period. The overall purpose of these workshops is to help participants acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need in order to effectively manage their careers on long-term basis. To that end, the workshops were consciously designed to facilitate acquisition of progressive types of career management skills. These include basic career exploration and preparation skills, information technology-based career development skills and career planning skills for mid-career change, career break, further education and career laddering.  As such, you are kindly invited to register in the workshop(s) that will best serve your current and/or near-future training needs.


To ensure your participation in the workshop series, please register as soon as possible, as seats are limited.

All workshops will be provided in Arabic only.

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The following is the list of workshops as well as the relevant details, dates and timings:


Workshop Title

Brief Description

Date and time




Discover Your Dream Career Workshop

This is a 12-hour workshop which provides hands-on experience to help participants to understand and apply the career development process- including selection of a career path that is compatible with their skills, interests, values and personality type. As a result, participants will take career assessments, participate in a variety of career exploration and career construction activities, and develop an action plan that will assist them in implementing and enriching their chosen careers.




Education City Clubhouse

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Developing Positive Self-Image Workshop

This workshop is designed to help participants to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to develop positive self-image in ways that would contribute to their professional and personal success. Examples of the workshop topics include concept of self-image, relationships between self-image and career/personal success, construction of your current self- image, why and how to change current self-image and action agenda for developing positive self-image.




Education City Clubhouse

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Evaluating and Negotiating Job Offers Workshop

This workshop is about how best to evaluate and negotiate job offers. It presents the processes involved and provides participants with the opportunity to effectively identify and evaluate factors which should be taken into consideration when accepting or declining a job offer. This will help participants to the develop g skills needed by them to evaluate and negotiate (multiple) job offers in ways that best fit their personal values and career goals.




Education City Clubhouse

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Using Social Media for Career Networking Workshop


Social media is, among other things, key to career success. This workshop is intended to help participants to effectively use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for successful career networking. Participants will be helped to utilize their basic computer and internet navigation skills to create a powerful on-line presence, build professional connections/networks and search for, and utilize, career related information for career success purposes.



Education City Clubhouse

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Planning Mid-Career Change Workshop


Many people experience mid- career change. This workshop provides its participants a learning experience through which they will be able to develop the knowledge and skills needed for purposes of effective mid-career change. Topics include the concept of career change, exploring career opportunities, setting mid-career goals, formulating mid-career plans and strategies, implementing and evaluating mid-career plans and strategies.




Education City Clubhouse

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Career- Break: Back to Work Workshop

For different reasons, some people, especially women, take, or plan to take, career break. Return to work after career break represents a new career phase that needs to be adequately planned and implemented. This workshop provides practical guidance on how best to return to work. Topics include developing career audit, balancing work and life, reskilling process, boosting confidence and managing the process of returning to work.




Education City Clubhouse

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Building Your Career Readiness Skills Workshop

This workshop provides participants with the opportunity to understand, appreciate and build entry-level work readiness skills needed to successfully have a job, maintain it and make the most out of it. Topics covered include concept of career readiness, employability skills, job-specific technical skills, responsibility, motivation, ethics, etiquette, first impressions, organization and self-development.


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Resume and Cover Letter Development Workshop

Successful job search requires, among other things, development of a good resume and well written cover letter. This workshop will help participants to market themselves effectively through understanding, appreciating and applying principles and components of an effective resume and cover letter. Participant will experience how to improve components of their current resumes and how to write effective cover letters.


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Employment Search Methods Workshop

This workshop introduces the concept of job search and equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to use different employment search methods and networking strategies in addition to helping participants to become savvy job seekers.


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Employment Interview Techniques Workshop

The employment interview techniques workshop aims at helping participants to understand and adopt a specific set of effective interview techniques. To that end, participants will be able to develop the competence and confidence needed to professionally promote themselves and get positive interview results. Topics include meaning and importance of employment interview, interview process and techniques, preparation and employer research, question styles, intent of questions, business etiquette, selling approach, appropriate responses and follow-up on interview results.


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Internet Job Search Workshop

This workshop focuses on how participants can use their basic computer and internet skills to undertake effective internet job search. The overall objective of the workshop is to help participants explore available/potential career opportunities and to find work that best fit them. Emphasis will be placed on how to use various websites for effective job search including such activities like: researching industries, companies, jobs, job postings, networking, on-line application, submitting resumes on-line, discovering strengths and weaknesses of internet job search and evaluating the process involved for improved future internet job search.

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Back to Education: Planning for further Education/Training Workshop


Many people return to education in order to, strategically, enhance their career. In order to ensure that such people are ready, willing, and able to successfully return to education, this workshop will assist them by providing information and strategies on a number of areas that are essential to effective management of such a transition.

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Career Laddering Workshop

This workshop provides a learning experience that helps participants, who have already started their careers, to achieve the most of their careers by means of, for example, independently charting and managing their own career path. Key topics include concept of career laddering, reflection on actual and requisite career profile, career enhancement, dealing with barriers to career success and developing and implementing a career laddering and competency development plan


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