Program overview:

Spearheaded by the Qatar Career Fair, the QCF Ambassadors Program is a volunteering initiative at the service of Qatari students from high and preparatory schools. 
The Program’s vision draws inspiration from QCF’s motto, “Your Future in Your Hands”. This vision is brought to life through QCF’s mission in fostering a motivating and supportive environment for Qatari youth, empowering them to build up their personal capabilities and competencies at the service of community and societal development. It also actively contributes to reinforcing youth initiatives that are moulding Qatari talents into future agents of change. As such, this Program embodies a long term investment in young Qatari leadership that will play an integral role in paving the way for a prosperous future for the State of Qatar. 

Program Objectives:

The Program’s overarching objective lay in raising awareness around career advancement and planning among Qatari youth. To this end, it equips school, college and graduate students with a wide-ranging set of skills and competencies that enable them to optimize their future career planning and specialisations through various developmental efforts and formats that encompass training, workshops, conferences and activities organised by QCF throughout the year. 
Moreover, the Program aims to promote and drive a culture of initiative-taking, leadership, creativity and innovation within the Qatari youth community, raising awareness around community initiatives, shedding the light on their role, supporting and developing them. In this, QCF Ambassadors Program provides opportunities for Qatari youth to actively lead on these initiatives, bringing them to their school and university communities as well as to the media and external stakeholders, and building on them to scale their impact. Youth initiatives centre on economic and societal development, one of the core pillars underpinning the Qatar National Vision 2030. 

Program Implementation and Mechanism:

Each participating school will select five to six students to take part in a series of trainings and workshops on self-development, leadership, strategic planning, team building and problem solving. Furthermore, participants will receive extensive training on career planning that encompasses practical information on how to prepare resumes, conduct job interviews and deliver presentations, as well as tailored exercises for confidence building and critical thinking.
On a longer term, the Program encourages students and Qatari youth to venture into their own projects, initiatives and trainings, ultimately enabling them to guide others and transfer their expertise to their peers and their surrounding environments. Participants will be provided with a wealth of opportunities to explore the local job market, learn about different work environments across the country and receive training from some of the most prestigious institutions and entities in Qatar. 
As such, the Program offers many opportunities and privileges across various aspects and levels. 

For more information about the program, please contact Mr. Shaheen Al-Sulaiti on: +974 44546277 or e-mail him at: